Seven years ago today…

23 02 2007

I started blogging. I started on OpenDiary — something that I don’t think has the best UI anymore. But for what it was, and what the internet was back in 2000 — it fulfilled its purpose.

Back then I didn’t know what made a proper blog post, nor did I understand what kind of tone one should take when publishing personal thoughts online.

I’ve never lacked for readers. I’ve always been that girl who blogs… whatever the heck that meant.

Seven years is a long time, eh?



2 responses

24 02 2007
Aaron Brazell

7 years is a very long time. Congrats. I have almost 3 years and thats a long time…

24 02 2007

Thanks… 7 years is a REALLY long time… especially when I recall that I was still in my senior year of high school back then. I didn’t have *THIS* blog back then, though.
But I know that my original blog is still up. I should go find that.

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