Memory lane

25 02 2007

Surprisingly enough, my OpenDiary is still up. My ID number is A123728. I was one of the first. I remember signing up and their front page saying they only had maybe 500,000 users active.

So, what was I writing 7 years ago? Let’s see. I had three entries up that day.

February 25, 2000  – *I can feel how much you love me*

ha! yeah right. I want a guy to feel safe with. I’m still a little bit hung up on my last entry. i write when i feel like it. it’s from that lone star song — *amazed* it’s a cute song… i wouldn’t mind some hottie singing it to me. as if. hoo boy, i feel another low spell coming on right around now. and the funny thing is thati know that this is going to be an awfully long entry… since i plan on spending about two hours on it. yes, that’s right folks, i have two hours to kill. classes ended today. i had my last anatomy class yesterday. it consisted of a donut and cider party — followed soon after by a pop quiz on digestion. after he let us out early, wes ripped up all his handouts and elliot trashed his binder. i would have loved to as well — but i think i might need those notes later on.

today was my last color and design class. gustin brought in donuts, but the stupid froshie 3 – davis, brett, and willie – ate all of them. the pigs. also my last moral reasoning class. mrs foster brought in easter candy for us. i still have an entire term of calc to go — so it was just exam review there. last eng class. we reminisced, wrote course evals, and discussed the last scenes of othello. went to the sac. came back here.

now i’m getting all weepy about jamie. i hate guys who sweet talk me [and then i freakin FALL for it, cuz i’m such a dumbass] and promise me that they’d visit me and talk to me.. and then he says.. oh i’m seein this girl and i dun wanna cheat on her. sorry. well. SCREW YOU TOO!

I just got back from the musical performance. i liked the singing… and the ensembles… were… just … too…long… i probably would have appreciated them more if 1) i weren’t sick and 2) i wasn’t so exhausted.

anyway, i’m back in this little mousehole i call home… it’s really a mousehole, i can’t believe i live here. it’s insane. two people fit into this little box. I can’t believe half of it contains ALL my stuff. luckily in a weeks time… most of the bulky stuff is going to be shipped home… and nothing but summer wear for later… honestly — this entry is getting nowhere and i am slowly losing my energy to write. so til later. adieu and goo’night.



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