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26 02 2007

It’s interesting to see how my writing has evolved over the years. Since unearthing my OpenDiary (which, it’s interesting to note, is still up — despite the fact that my OD friends have all deleted their accounts), I have been going through entry by entry (I ended up with 1,800+ posts total) and taking a long trip down memory lane. My thoughts are extremely stream of consciousness and very long, or very short and fluffy. I definitely had regular readers and commenters. But I wondered, was I writing for myself or someone else?

Seth Godin posts an interesting point about blogging. Even though he’s speaking mostly about business bloggers — I feel that it can also apply to personal bloggers like myself.

Once you realize that no HAS to read your blog, that you can’t MAKE them read your blog, you approach writing with humility and view readers with gratitude. The second thing it does is force you to be clear. If you write something that’s confusing or in shorthand, you fail.

I’m aiming for the short and sweet now. I know how short of an attention span everyone has now.



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26 02 2007
Justin V

WOW.. BLOG OF the minute. Aren’t we special.. LOL.. congrats..

26 02 2007

Yeah… blogging is some experience indeed. 🙂
The style may change, but the gist should remain.
Hey, nice to know you.
People are welcomed over to comment on my piles of rubbish.
Feel free to.

26 02 2007

1800+ posts…wow!!!keep going…

26 02 2007

well rather chck out ma blogs n offer me some assistance if u cud…im new here

26 02 2007
Margarette Rona

amen to vamsy. 1800++ and still going… id like to believe people start blogs to write for themselves rather than other people. although, as it generates attention, one tends to become more in tune about what other people would like to read from one’s blog.

26 02 2007
Catherine Morgan

So, did you figure it out? Are you writing/blogging for yourself or for others. I’m glad to hear you found the blogging experience helpful in “evolving” your writing. I started blogging last month in order to work on my writing, and learn how to blog. But like you, I wonder….who am I doing it for? Me? Others? For me that seems to change from day to day. I’m actually working on a political blog and a more personal blog, I would love for you to check them out and let me know what you think.

Thanks. Take care, and continued success!

26 02 2007

Justin – Blog of the minute? I totally missed that.

Vamsy/Margarette – 1800+ posts on my first blog, before I stopped and moved to WordPress. I have plenty of posts on my LiveJournal… and I’m a bit past 130 on THIS WP blog…. I haven’t really added up every blog post I’ve ever written. But I’m sure I’m somewhere around 3k (total) in 7 years. 😉

26 02 2007

Awesome ^^

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