My inner child is throwing a silent tantrum.

6 03 2007

I have an idea. I let someone else have the idea. Now the someone else is better at my idea than I am. I started the idea. Therefore, I must be the best, and no one else is allowed to be better. They get more recognition than I do. And they don’t credit.

That’s not fair. I should stop giving out ideas. It’s not inspiration. It’s stealing.

[yes, I can be ridiculously immature at times. It happens. I’m allowed to.]




2 responses

7 03 2007
Jeff James

you know, the engine on a train does all the work while the cars in tow just glide along effortlessly…but the engine should be happy for the other cars’ lax attitude, for if they weren’t needed…who’d need the engine? a riddle….those who pull get better interest than those who push.

7 03 2007

I’m so glad that you’re nothing like me. However, that doesn’t keep me from being irritated.

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