7 03 2007

My dad and I went to the store last night, right after I got home from work. I didn’t even have a chance to get out of my car before he packed me back in again, so we could get some last minute essentials for dinner. That, and my car was warm — our other ones were not.

The gripe of the night? Newspaper delivery requesting a 20% gratuity in addition to the weekly or monthly subscription we already had for god knows how many years. Sign us up as the latest family to cancel their newspaper subscription. We gave them a pretty hefty holiday something or other. Now they’re asking for a 20% gratuity… IN ADDITION to what they make on the route?

Seriously. We’re generous when the time is right. But if you’re going to BEG for something extra — obviously you are nowhere close to being worth to receive it.

The whole point? I will never be that desperate. In any aspect of my life.




2 responses

7 03 2007
Justin V

Looks like the cost of gas is eating it’s way up to even the paper routes.. WOW.. 20% gratutity is a lot to ask for on top of the subcription.

7 03 2007

It’s absolutely ridiculous. They included a POST-IT with our bill. ‘Please consider a 20% gratuity. Thank you for your patronage.’ or something equally fake-sounding drivel.

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