Generation gap just got a bit smaller

10 03 2007

So… I’m going to start another blog. I know, you’re all groaning and smacking your foreheads on walls and other hard or sharp and pointy objects.

But my parents have finally started to embrace this passion of mine with the really funny name. Since my dad is more in tune with my newest blog topic than my mother is, and also much more technical minded (although it’s mostly hardware to my software) — I think I’m going to let him help me out.

TRAVEL BLOG. Travelog. Whatever. I know I haven’t used my passport in ages, and my inner jetsetter is absolutely crying and depressed… but I’ve gone to a lot of places in my not ridiculously long life time. My dad is in his sixth decade — and that’s all he’s ever loved to do. Travel. It’s in our blood.

So, I figure combine my memories, with his memories .. .and possibly some other commentary and what not. I think I might have a really good thing going. He might still be a bit clueless as to understanding how these things work, but I think it’s really cool. Maybe my mom might chime in too.

I think it’s really freakin cool. 🙂




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