20 03 2007

Yes, this is another post talking about the relationship. I commented that I seem to do everything backwards yesterday. Finding the physical comfort before the mental/emotional. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t fall for him until two months later (it took me approximately a week, in a cute story that involves his over-friendly (and I’ll also say posessing a penchant for mauling) dog). But it just seems I’m more content with just being around him… while he does such mundane things as eating breakfast, dressing, or gargling with mouthwash. I’m more content doing that… than I am with the intimate relations. Now.

Not to say that the physical stuff isn’t grand… but I guess this is a part of growing up that it seems MOST of the population encounters in their adolescent years — and I just figured out… a few months shy of turning 25. But at least I got to experience it.

Oh yes… 2 months. And yes, there has been farting. But he’s too polite to. 😉



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