What sells a relationship?

20 03 2007

Given the industry that I work in (Internet/Interactive), I probably spend much more time perusing my ‘blog stats’ more than the average WordPress user.

I’ve noticed the blatantly obvious fact that if you include a series entitled ‘Sex’ somewhere in the blog — it’s going to get you noticed. Especially if you have some sort of thought-provoking or laughter-inducing posts like my suggestive advertising ones. For some time, I was on the first page for Google for the search term (keyword, for all those in the know) ‘suggestive advertising’ and ‘sex sells’.

So, sex sells for working a highly searched term into one’s blog in order to get traffic… Obviously my angle for this blog has been altered slightly, and instead of talking about sex … I’m talking relationships. Like every other post. I’m getting a bit sick of it… but nevertheless, here’s my newest question.

Physical attraction. Usually what starts a relationship, right? You kind of have to want to kiss the person you start a relationship with. Thus delineating the borders between friends and friends with benefits. Or fuckbuddy and acquaintance. Okay, so maybe kissing wasn’t a good example. What about wanting to be sans clothing with this other person?

So then, what defines moving from a friendship to a relationship? Personally, there was the proof of the guy wanting to protect me. Even when it’s something so banal as seemingly protecting me from his over-friendly yellow Lab (hey, it worked. Neither of us are complaining).

What sold you onto a relationship?




5 responses

20 03 2007
Rahul Sharma

This is a PROFOUND post… I never thought that way… I guess I shall think about it and then tell you what might / could see me…


22 03 2007
Justin V

What sold me…
Well I had the mentatility of what to I have to lose. I think it was honestly her unconditional understanding of me, of who I am, of what I was about, that sold me. It was pure it was genuwine, no questions asked. ( I feel a post coming on).

22 03 2007

Woo hoo! Posts inspiring posts… we seem to do that quite a bit, don’t you think?

22 03 2007
Justin V

Yes we do.. It’s like blogging Tag Team.. LOL.. I’ll most likely be the one, after tormorrow’s Post..

22 03 2007

I inspire. You post. And then… a bit later, I’ll remember to link back. 😉

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