Furburger, anyone?

23 03 2007

The title seems even more ridiculous and laughter-inducing than ‘nutsack’. So basically, saying the anatomically correct words such as ‘scrotum’ or ‘vagina’ is more offensive than saying ‘nutsack’ and ‘furburger’.

So if any of these kids go on to medical school — it’d still be a sin to say ‘vagina’, ‘penis’, ‘scrotum’, or ‘anus’.


“Children are comfortable from an early age with a wide variety of nuts. Sacks are merely pouches for toting. Peanuts in a sack, for example, are as American as juicy wieners in big fluffy buns.”

Patron also agreed to make changes to her newest book slated for publication this Fall. “Virginia’s Vagina” will now feature a renaming of the protagonist and be titled “Felicity’s Furburger”.



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