Feelin the burn…

24 03 2007

In more ways than one. Looks like my inactive season seems to be over. Not really bowing down towards the cardboard health food (minus the fake milk)… Started in on the Pilates/crunch blend I seem to always gravitate towards. I made it through about five minutes. Most of you will scoff at that. But .. I don’t really want to kill my insides. It’s not like I don’t have muscle underneath there (I really do. I saw it last summer)… just that my layer of blubber is jiggling over it. I’m not fat fat. But I do recognize the possible appearance of a seriously unbecoming muffin top. Unacceptable.

Two pack — here I come! (Laugh all you want)

Oh yeah, and going tanning today. Just to say I did. I’m feeling very internet-geeky-pale. Geekette though I may be, I try not to look it too much. The massive glasses never help. 😉




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