Shout outs.

24 03 2007

Boyfriend is annoyed that I didn’t mention him.

I hung out with boyfriend today — say hi, boyfriend. We went to the bank (first his bank, then my own bank), then Dunkin Donuts. I had what was supposedly a Reese’s peanut butter donut — which was sadly lacking in the peanut butter department and an iced coffee. Caffeine still hasn’t kicked in yet.  I don’t think it will, at this rate. I think he had an iced coffee (caffeine — where are you?) and a reduced fat blueberry muffin. After Dunkin Donuts, we went tanning. His pedigree is very pale, so I’m mostly mystified as how he could possible end up darker than me. Me, of Malay descent. He’s all glowy tan — and I’m so not. And sorry, boyfriend, I blew your cover as someone who only tans when they go out running. Then we stopped by Kmart, and picked up a few summer essentials, like a blender, and ankle socks. For him. Not for me. Under those fluorescent Kmart lights — it was so obvious how not tan I am.

Lesson? I don’t burn easily. Nor do I tan easily.

Also, it was significantly sunnier when we started hanging out. Now it’s just kinda bleh and cloudy. /shakes fist/



4 responses

24 03 2007
Jeff James


24 03 2007

You even look tan in your avatar!

24 03 2007
Jeff James

lol, im going running! pesky clouds

24 03 2007

Yeah… it’s mighty cloudy out now. Can’t get that amazing golden tan.
/glares at her skin/

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