The best way to act drunk

27 03 2007

Is to imagine that you’re a drunk trying so VERY hard to be sober.

Slowly enunciating every word, deliberating before every well-thought out sentence, placing your feet ‘just so’ on the floor so you will ensure avoiding every instance of falling over drunkenly…

Anyone can be a sloppy drunk. But the nuances to acting sober while drunk off your ass? Priceless.

Psst. Justin — this was PARTLY inspired by your hangover post — but not completely.



2 responses

27 03 2007
Justin V

It’s all cool. YOu make an excellent point.

Above all you gotta tell people, that you’re aren’t drunk. Makes it so much better.

27 03 2007

That’s my thing. I’m quirky and off the wall when sober ANYWAY… I just act the best sober possible when I’m drunk. Sometimes I get too drunk — then start telling people I’m actually drunk… instead of acting and stating sober… then everyone’s confused.

I got myself confused typing that, but I swear — I’m not drunk!! (Drunk on gorgeous weather, maybe)

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