4 04 2007

Hypothetical situation:

Say an evil overlord has taken over the world as we know it and subjected all the people (at least those conscious enough to make decisions — regardless of rationality) to his evil and sadistic whims. Prior to his sudden and unexpected rise to power, you had a good upbringing. Your parents were in a happy marriage free from any disasters and still alive. Elderly (I’m talking in their 90s). You had a loving significant other. You know, THE ONE. Lots of love in this little group.

You were handpicked out of the remains of the sane human population as we knew it. Evil Overlord gave you a choice.

    1. Kill your parents to save yourself and your significant other… and end his irrational and evil reign (he was getting bored and tired… and missed simple comforts like getting to sleep in on weekends).
    2. Kill your significant other, thus preserving your parents’ perfect relationship — the standard by which all other relationships are held up to.

      The parties in question are both present when you are presented with the question. They are also present to hear the manner of death. You will be their executor, and you will make them die slowly and painfully.

      You have one hour to decide. You are the only one allowed to make a decision. There is no way to escape. One of those parties has to die. What would you do?

      Keep in mind that you’re not the last people on earth.

      I would choose to die. I’d kill me. As a Catholic, I know that suicide isn’t looked on as an appropriate way to die, but… one of the parties has to die, right?

      However, if I chose the parents, significant other and I would be free to live (under Evil Overlord, of course). If I chose the significant other, nuclear family unit would not be compromised.

      I’ve been mulling over this predicament for some time now. Why not just remove the person who has to make the decision. One of the parties has to die. I’m a party. So I go. But that’s just me.

      What would you do?




      6 responses

      4 04 2007

      Ok, Kind of really bad karma to think about. But I think its the parents if there in there 90’s.

      4 04 2007

      My dad actually brought up the hypothetical situation some time ago. Now that I have a boyfriend… My parents are in their 60s now… Love is a funny thing, eh?

      4 04 2007
      Justin V

      Err, Just kill both choices, Might as well go big. or go home. THis sorts reminds me of the of the case of having, each parent on one hand, and making the choice of killing one and saving the other.

      4 04 2007

      So would I be considered a wuss for just taking myself out of the picture? I couldn’t live with the guilt, I think.

      5 04 2007
      Coma Toes

      Tough one.
      Ganging up on Evil Overlord and giving him a good kicking isn’t an option I assume?

      On a side note (that hopefully distracts everyone so I don’t actually have to decide) Is this connected to something that happened in your last post? Is there some “sordid detail” that you’ve not told us that means you wanted to kill either parents/extended family or boyfriend at some point that day?

      5 04 2007

      Coma Toes — If I didn’t state it, then, unfortunately no, it wasn’t an option. That saying of how ‘Love conquers all evil’ ? — doesn’t apply here.

      The sordid detail… I really could post about that now, eh? But I’m not. I’m just going to explain to you here… the events that transpired — pretty much all I wanted to do was have the ground swallow me up. Buried alive, if you will. A sort of ‘damned if I do and damned if I don’t’ situation. Both ends were pretty pissed off with me. So killing myself would just be putting me out of my misery quicker.

      Does that make more sense?

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