Travelin Woman

10 04 2007

Since I started this blog, Miss BeanCurd‘s been more of the traveler than I have. I’ve said often I want to confiscate her passport… but being a fellow traveler — I can’t begrudge her the joys of being a foodie jetsetter.

Having said that, I was thinking of creating a non-WP blog, as in my first real own domainy type thing, devoted solely to my previous travels hither and thither. I may be nearing the end of my 24th year, but I’ve been around the world.

Having stated that, I need to know what the best place is to go buy a domain, hosting, what else is involved. I’m a mini-geek. I’m intelligent. I ought to be able to figure this out myself. Suggestions welcome!

List of where I’ve been under the cut!

  1. Cross-country (US)
  2. Canada (more than 5x)
  3. Philippines (5x)
  4. Caribbean
  5. Venezuela
  6. UK (2x)
  7. Belgium
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany (2x)
  10. Austria (2x)
  11. Liechenstein (2x)
  12. Luxembourg
  13. Switzerland (2x)
  14. Italy (2x)
  15. Monaco
  16. France
  17. Spain
  18. Portugal
  19. Morocco
  20. S. Korea
  21. Australia
  22. Mexico



2 responses

13 04 2007

I may be the traveling maniac, but you’ve travelled more than me on the whole! I’m just merely playing catch-up here!

23 04 2007

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