Virginia Tech shooting

17 04 2007

A bit of seriousness here. Only being a bit less than two years out of school, I can’t lie and say that the recent VA Tech shooting spree (to use the term ‘massacre’ seems too morbid, too depressing, too much for the aftermath) hasn’t affected me in some small way.

I was a college student once. I went to a state school at one point. When Bush got re-elected, there were riot-like occurrences happening in the Union and other buildings. I was afraid.

But nothing to this extent. First in a dorm, then later in a classroom. I thought about my school’s lecture hall — no windows. It’s basically a concrete bunker. If that had happened in one of my classes — there wouldn’t be any windows to jump out of.

Then I thought about the gunman. The first thing that stood out at me was the Asian description. What’s this going to do to the national perspective of Asians? Nearly every time I’ve seen an Asian in the news — it’s been attached to something bad. The Asian sniper in the Midwest. Andrew cunanan (aka the guy that shot G. Versace). Now this one. Asian-American male stereotype beware. Hell, look at William Hung. No wait, don’t.

Now it’s the healing process. I have a cousin, I think, at VA Tech. My family and I were worried. We’re pretty sure he’s okay. I listened to the radio this morning. One of the shows I usually listen to on my way to work was devoid of the entertaining silliness — replaced with serious and somber tones, in light of yesterday’s events.

I’m not going to speculate. I’m not going to blame. I’m just going to send out my thoughts of condolences, hugs, and healing vibes to all those affected. It can’t be easy. It’s not going to be smooth. But people will remember, and time will move on.

Side note: I had a close family member, gunned down. You can’t tell me that I don’t know how those people feel. I do.




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