A Friday Five

20 04 2007

From Jenna @ A Box of Nothing… actually, I received the questions yesterday, but figured Friday would be a good day to answer them. 😉

1) If you found the fountain of youth, would you drink from it and live forever, or would you walk away?

I’d walk away. I know I’m a chronic procrastinator. It’s easy to live life to the fullest when you know you only have a finite time to be alive. If I lived forever, sure there would be a never ending amount of things for me to occupy my never-ending amount of time… but since I know I’d have all the time to do them — why do them now? Walking away would give me the option to be spontan-you-us (sorry, just watched Happy Feet…). Spontaneity keeps life imteresting.

2) When (or if) you send text messages, do u abbr evre thng or do you spell things out properly?

Having a Treo with the QWERTY keypad certainly makes it easier for me to spell everything out. I can say most things properly in 160 characters or less. But I have been known to say mite, rite, wen, n betw quite freq.

3) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Wrinkled pages on a book or magazine or any print publication. It’s not my BIGGEST one, but it’s something that can send me into a huge tizzy. Another huge one is someone who can’t say what needs to be said to your face (or at least over the phone). Like if you’re going to break up with me, don’t do it with my voicemail or my IM away message. Stand up, be a man, and break my heart to my face. I’ll respect you more for it. I won’t like you very much in the heat of the moment, but at least I’ll remember you possessing some balls.

4) Sky diving: terrifying or terribly exciting? Have you done it and why or why not?

Absolutely both. If I did it, I’m not sure if I’d be peeing myself from terror or happy I could conquer my fear. I want to do it this summer, some time around my 25th birthday. I’m shit scared of heights. I hate falling (my nickname is gimpie). But it’s more of a sense of ‘I want to prove to myself that I can do this’. And bragging rights. Who doesn’t love bragging rights?

5) If you could live any place besides where you are, where would you go?

Australia. Sydney or Melbourne. Seriously, that was like a no-brainer.

Okay! Who wants to get tagged next? Leave me your email (or just email me a request at 25centlife [at] gmail!)




3 responses

20 04 2007

Excellent answers! I have a debilitating fear of falling, so there’s absolutely no way you’d get me sky diving, but I am impressed with your determination to go even if it’s scary. You’re much braver than me. Also, ditto on the “just say it to my face” peeve. That drives me nuts!

20 04 2007

i want to skydiveee!!! Not in NY though… somewhere like the desert!

20 04 2007

Jenna – When I worked as a camp counselor, there was talk that we’d lose our perfect attendance bonus if we didn’t set good examples for our campers. For example. Climb up to the top of a 25 foot telephone pole and leap off of the 2 foot by 2 foot platform in order to attempt to ring a bell about 6 ft away (horizontally) from the little bitty platform. 25 feet up is a VERY long way. And it tends to sway. For some reason, a rope connected to another college-age student is much less reassuring than an experienced skydiver strapped to your back with a parachute.


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