Sensory memories

25 04 2007

I bought one of the big containers of Orbit White Bubblemint flavor. It’s sitting on my desk. I don’t like chewing gum because it gets stuck in between my teeth and I don’t think I have the time to floss that much during work. I bought it so I could avoid over-nibbling on candy and snacks while I work.

Orbit Bubblemint

I figured out why I’m absolutely obsessed with the flavor, despite the flossing woes I have when I get home. And the part where I’m so chewing-gum-inept that I swallow large amounts of air, resulting in a very bad stomach ache. Does Amoxil ring a bell? It’s an antibiotic. In liquid form, it has a very pleasant, almost candy-like taste. And it’s pink. I’ve only taken it twice in my life.

Amoxil liquid

Yes. I admit it. I bought gum because it reminded me of an antibiotic.




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