If you want people to take you seriously…

2 05 2007

Please know and understand the value of proper written and oral communication.

Understand the difference in usage of ‘break’ and ‘brake’. Proofread your emails, blog posts, written interviews, published work…etc… Proofread anything that someone else in your industry or intended industry might read. Have other people read your drafts before you speak.

Therz lyke nothin more anoyin 2 read than pplz who wanna be recognized as LeaDeRZ iN THeiR iNDuSTReeZ ut KaNT TiPe FeR $#!+.

//twitch// It’s one of my major peeves.

career in the world of the web. — [Really, who uses ‘world of the web’ seriously anymore?]

You have to be able to adapt to change. You can’t wait for the changes to happen; you just have to be prepared to adapt to them when they happen.  — [Uhh… We could have done without that whole last sentence.]

These days I travel back and fourth  — [Fourth what?]

Once he doses off  — [How much did he take, what did he take, and where can we find this?]




2 responses

3 05 2007

Yay! That’s my biggest peeve. It seems as though we all learned this stuff in the third grade, doesn’t it?

3 05 2007

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you where this came from, but I’d be more than happy to email it to you!

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