Boyfriend’s appetite

3 05 2007

When at a party, it’s typical for my family and I to consume obscene amounts of food. We become gluttons, and embrace our penchant for gluttony. We clear our refrigerators, stores of food, food that isn’t even party food. Our menu almost never changes either. We use the grill year round.

Enter boyfriend. Tagging along is boyfriend’s appetite. It’s very cute and tiny. He consumes a ‘normal’ amount with those predetermined and suggested ‘normal sized portions’ that my family seems to have never heard of before. At a recent get-together, we observed that the amount he puts away in one party day is the amount I or one of my cousins puts away in about 15 minutes.  Portion of meat equals the size of a deck of cards? Give us an economy sized crate of card decks! One cup of fruit? Give us 10. We will eat till out pants no longer button. We will eat till we pass out.

Boyfriend doesn’t do that. So, we accept that the 6 foot 4 guy will consume roughly less than half of what his 5 foot 5 girlfriend eats.




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