Anatomy of a super long day

11 06 2007

So. I’m back in NYC. Working that is.

First day at the new gig was today. It’s nearly 11p now, as I write this. I’ve been up (mostly) since 4a, June 11, 2007. I know, I know — I should go to bed. After all, where there is a first day, there should always be a second day — especially if the first day didn’t kill you.

It didn’t [kill me]. I loved it. Especially the part where I can still just sit and observe and not really have to DO anything yet, because I’m new, and I don’t know anything, and I can still enjoy the free time while I still have it. But I anticipate that even when I am completely lacking in free time, and I won’t always make my 621p train, therefore I won’t be going to the gym on those days — I’ll still like going.

Which is a huge contrast from the last place of employment. Great ‘stepping stone job’ — but when the commute excites you more than the destination — a problem no, an issue, is inevitable.

Back to my anatomizing (yes, I think I’m tired enough to be making up my own words).

    1. Up at 4a. Partly due to sore muscles (I did an honest workout on Saturday — I’m still paying for it), partly due to excitement of new job, partly due to the non-ACness of my room (and yet, I still buried underneath a cloth blanket).
    2. Scrambling for a first-day outfit. Intelligent people would lay things out the night before. Neurotic people change their minds 4 extra times in the morning.
    3. Due to father neuroticizing about potential lateness, arrive at train station in time for the 624a train. Waste 15 minutes at the station to catch a train that would put me in Penn a reasonable 30 min before work, instead of a whole hr and ten minutes.
    4. Doze off on the train. Slightly unable to do so due to unplanned breakfast at 4a. (New workout dictates I must eat when I haven’t eaten that particular meal regularly in 8 years)
    5. Penn at 8a. I’ve been up for 4 hrs. One of those hours spent squished into a train seat.
    6. Speedwalk to the office, so as not to be ‘that newbie chick who was late to the morning staff meeting’.
    7. Meeting.
    8. Intro stuff.
    9. Training sessions.
    10. Lunch.
    11. Training sessions.
    12. Training sessions.
    13. Out at 6p.
    14. Speedwalk back to Penn, in order to catch the 621p train. So I can go to the gym later.
    15. Miraculously catch the 621p train. I’m squished into a middle seat of a three seater. Sweat is making me stick to the faux leather seat. I’m sitting between a woman who seems to be addicted to Blow Pops and a woman who feels the need to scream into her cell phone because ‘I’VE ONLY GOT ONE BAR LEFT ON MY PHONE AND I’M NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS!’
    16. Manage to doze off till my stop, where I wake up and realize that it’s summer torrential downpouring. Cool. I left my jacket at work and I don’t have an umbrella.
    17. Head home. Change. Head to the gym with the boyfriend. Do an unbelievable mile in 10 min (my previous records have been (set as early as this past Saturday) at the 16 minute mile).
    18. Back home. Make dinner.
    19. Watch the end of ‘Girl, Interrupted’.
    20. Feel the need to write an entry about the day’s events.

Yeah. I feel pretty winded. I’ve been awake for 19 hrs. I need to be up in 6. Cool.



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