Personal Peeve

19 06 2007

It amazes me that someone who can communicate so well, (so I’m told), who can master the regular posting to a fairly popular blog (so the stats tell me), and who can write more eloquently than she herself can give her credit for (so I’m told) — can fuck up normal conversations on a near regular basis.

The words I can control on a screen or on a piece of paper flow so easily, and encapsulate my thoughts so well… It’s absolutely astounding that my mouth can’t create the same feelings as my written words. Do I not think enough or clearly or does my brain just insert random words where it sees fit because I never see silence as a welcome thing? If you’re going to say something, it’s not going to be short and sweet — where a written piece can.

Go figure — brilliant for one and moronic for another. It just frustrates me so much that when I don’t think when I write –I can be brilliant. If I try to do the same with my speech, I’ll always inadvertently say the wrong thing.

It’s a horrible cycle.




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