Red! Patent! Leather!

28 06 2007

This is probably a direct result of the proximity of my office to Herald Square, Macys, and the Manhattan Mall. Oh, and 5th Avenue. And the fact that it’s so difficult for me to find shoes that I like.

At any rate, I found these super cute Enzo Angiolini flats over the weekend. Unfortunately and typically for me, they didn’t have my size. Or they had one shoe, but not its pair. At any rate. The shoes were beyond perfect, but having the perfect shoe instantly? Never going to be that easy.

Nevertheless, I found an EA store near my office. I wasn’t too hopeful that I would walk away, shoebox in hand, towards Penn tonight. Went in… and BAM.

Corinne is now the proud owner of some Enzo Angiolini Bradlyns… in Red! Patent! Leather!

Does this mean I need to post a picture of my foot in said shoe now?




One response

29 06 2007

Absolutely that’s what it means! You can’t tease us with red patent leather and then not deliver the goods!

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