31 07 2007

Vegans won’t have sex with meat-eaters.

The best quote: “I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance.”



24 07 2007

Is not really all that hip looking. Great moves there.

So I’m browsing through CNN’s top stories

24 07 2007

…as part of my daily routine, and I wanted to see other’s comments on the CNN/YouTube debates last night.

I come across top story #7 – S.C. black voters like choices… I might as well read it, since I read every top story and headline anyway. Or at least skim it… and so I come across this little gem.

cnn typo

Oh, man… gems like this always get me… especially from the major news bureaus. Sure, I realize that journalists are busy people and that there are loads and loads of editors, proofreaders, and copy editors all over the place that are supposed to look over these things before they go live (and things called spell check as well) and people are only human. Humans are fallible.

But really, Sasha Johnson, misspelling the name of a U.S. state? tsk.

I wonder how long it will take them to notice the typo?

EDIT: Approximately 45 minutes after I posted this, CNN has kindly corrected its little typo. At least I’ve forever immortalized the goof in this post. Go CNN editors!

Getting an iPhone

22 07 2007

is stupid and pointless, especially when you already have a phone that works.

is stupid and pointless, especially when a company gives it out as a stupid status toy (when employees already have phones that work).

Allergic rhinitis

18 07 2007

There’s nothing better to be afflicted with in the middle of July. /sarcasm

Especially when July happens to be a month ripe with torrential downpours. /dripping (har) sarcasm

I’d just like to point out that ‘scattered or isolated t-storms’ do not count as ‘torrential downpours’. That was NOT 1 inch of rain. That was more like 3.

Back to my original topic. Lovely lovely allergic rhinitis (aka allergies. in the upper respiratory area) has ruined a Friday, a weekend, and a rest of work week. The weekend/Monday is the 6 month anniversary. It’s been put on hold due to a coughing, sniffly, congested something or other.

It’s not making me terribly happy. And neither are the accompanying side effects to my scrips. Nope, not at all. If it’s not the upper respiratory system, it’s the gastrointestinal area or the lower limbs. Seriously. They say the pros outweigh the cons. If you ask me, I think I just derailed my entire system. On the other hand, I no longer have a vicious evil sinus headache.

Count the tiny blessings, I guess.

481 months…

11 07 2007

till my intended retirement. Or, less morbidly, 1 month till I turn 25. And then the title of this blog will be so much more appropriate. I will have another 13 months to think about what I should change the tagline to once I’m no longer 25.

I was so excited the last 11 months to be THAT much closer to 25… and now that it’s rapidly approaching, I am horrifingly anxious of it coming to pass. It feels like another wave of my personal QLC hell is coming back to haunt me… or something. What have I accomplished in the last 4 yrs 11 months? I transferred schools. I graduated in nearly record time (given the circumstances). I was successful in building my career. I’ve gained plenty of professional experience. I maintain a publicly-viewed blog that has been up for more than a year. I’ve gained some very close and special friends. I have the bestest boyfriend. I have a retirement investment. My retirement investment application wizard asked me how long I intend to use those retirement funds after retirement. It was like it was asking me, ‘when do you think you’ll croak?’

This past weekend made me feel old too. My cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday was held in Central Park on Saturday. She turned 2, and I’m turning 25. When I had my 2nd birthday, I fell into my cake. I still harbor some strong feelings about not being able to eat the frosting/cake off of my arm. Apparently, I was too precious of a child to do anything as low as licking cake off your hand. The day after was a massive bbq at my house. Aforementioned cousin’s daughter was also in attendance. As she was toddling around my backyard, I realized how massive the yard must have been to her. I remember how it seemed like an eternity and a week to walk across the lawn in any direction. Yet, there I was — smacking around a birdie with the boyfriend — covering previously massive distances with only a few strides.

We played for nearly 4 hrs. I have been aching, throbbing — for the last three days. I feel old. My back is stiff. My neck is stiff. My joints are sore. I crack even worse when I move. I tire easily. Incidentally, my mom was able to keep up with us — even keeping up a spirited verbal exchange with the boyfriend — for at least an hour. I remember HER as the one playing badminton for hours on end during the summer of my smaller youth.

It’s so true… years go on forever when you’re young. But those things are over seemingly in the blink of an eye the older you get. Before I know it, it will be August 11th… and I’ll be 25.


4 07 2007

I think it’s proper etiquette to NOT set off big fireworks in the middle of the street. Especially if it happens to be at a major intersection in a residential neighborhood. This isn’t the Philippines, where people expect things like that.

Don’t look so surprised when drivers get out of their cars to threaten you menacingly with bodily harm.