So I’m browsing through CNN’s top stories

24 07 2007

…as part of my daily routine, and I wanted to see other’s comments on the CNN/YouTube debates last night.

I come across top story #7 – S.C. black voters like choices… I might as well read it, since I read every top story and headline anyway. Or at least skim it… and so I come across this little gem.

cnn typo

Oh, man… gems like this always get me… especially from the major news bureaus. Sure, I realize that journalists are busy people and that there are loads and loads of editors, proofreaders, and copy editors all over the place that are supposed to look over these things before they go live (and things called spell check as well) and people are only human. Humans are fallible.

But really, Sasha Johnson, misspelling the name of a U.S. state? tsk.

I wonder how long it will take them to notice the typo?

EDIT: Approximately 45 minutes after I posted this, CNN has kindly corrected its little typo. At least I’ve forever immortalized the goof in this post. Go CNN editors!



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