I missed it!

19 08 2007

I missed blogging about my 25th birthday! Quarter life indeed. If you really want to know how I started off the 2nd quarter century of my life, let me know. There are more than a few things I managed to realize about my not-so-crisis-free life. Perhaps neither crisis nor disaster-level issues — but definitely not problem free.

Like today’s issue… which I really can’t go into too much detail about. Why does it take only one instance of a certain event to kick yourself in the ass and make you realize you really need help? Maybe that’s not the correct question to ask. Maybe I still need to catch up on sleep from the birthday weekend. Yes. I think that’s it.


In preparation.

8 08 2007

I’ve gone and taken than next step. It was difficult. There was a lot of sweat. But it’s done.

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The Incredible Missing Headline

1 08 2007

CNN’s done it again. I usually get my news through the most viewed stories… and #8 just looks so intriguing, I couldn’t resist.


Psst. The missing headline actually leads to more info on the Brazil crash.