Two of the worst sensations in the world

31 10 2007

1) A “sweating” toilet bowl on a sweltering humid day of summer on the backs of your legs. God forbid you’re wearing pants — you’ll have the unsightly damp spots on the backs of your legs for at least another hour.

2) A freezing cold toilet seat on a chilly day in winter. Suddenly, your warmest bits are now your chilliest. Internal chill anyone?

And all of this happening while you’re trying to do your business.




One response

1 11 2007
Rahul Sharma

1. You were wet in rain, riding a motor bike, and presently ONLY the inside of the helmet is wet. Someone is frying banana chips in coconut oil. THAT is WORST!

2. Due to the weather and slight neglect, the heels have developed the rough-ish skin. There is a raw-silk bed-sheet. THAT is eeeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhh………



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