Latest poetic genius from the LIRR folks

26 11 2007

Cell Phone Courtesy Matters

There once was a couple who lived in a shoe –
Had so many devices, they knew not what to do.
‘Blackberried’ n ‘cellphoned’… with an iPod too
They rode the Railroad, and sat next to you.
As most of us know, they had kids in that shoe.
They called each and then, talked themselves blue.
As you sat and listened, one thought came through…
Regarding ‘Train Manners’ – they hadn’t a clue.
With their voices too loud, everyone knews
More than they wanted about the whole crew.
What’s more their phones rang (vibrating’s too new)
With tones that all of you soon grew to rue.
They’re a nice couple, so no one will sue
But all wish they’d speak softly, that much is true.
Cell phones and manners, in our humble view
Will work for all who hew to our cue.

They really made use of the rhyming dictionary, don’t you think? Pity that 99% of people on the train don’t know how to follow this. But then they get pissed off at other people. Weirdos.




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