Update to my LIRR complaint

5 12 2007

I got a response back from a editorial officer in their public affairs office this morning, and called the number they listed. Since I was half asleep at the time of the incident, I couldn’t provide a complete description of the conductor. Lack of complete description meant that no investigation could be started. Which is all fine and well by me. He might be a new guy, he might have been a fill-in.

At any rate, it was the principle of the thing… Even though it happens more often than any one of us would like to admit — those in service-based occupations should know not to treat the people/customers/consumers they deal with poorly. It’s fucking common sense.

For me, it was just to let them know that there is a conductor out there who acts like an asshole. And for the record THERE IS NO RULE THAT THEY HAVE TO TAKE AWAY YOUR EXPIRED MONTHLY TICKET. None. At all.

Yay. I win.




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