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I am the main author of 25 cent life.
Queens-born and Long Island-raised, I am proud to be from New York, but I hate the change in seasons. I like New York City better than Long Island. I like Long Island more than Upstate New York.

I love blogs. I love the internet. I used to be a biology/pre-med major. Sometimes I talk too much, sometimes all I do is listen. I am a Leo. I love food, and I feel that I can be allergic to exercise (edit: boyfriend has been dragging me to the gym). I love New York City, and thinking about it causes me to have food cravings.

I love to travel. I have been on all continents, save for Antarctica — I doubt I’ll be going there any time soon.

I started this to write about the quarter life crisis. Unfortunately, to my delight, soon after creating this blog, life started being good to me — and I feel that I am no longer in crisis. Go figure. This doesn’t mean I’m killing this off — it’s just a matter of shifting focus.

I’m no longer living the single life. This does not mean an absence of wit. I now work in NYC. I get to work with blogs. Can’t get any better than that.

You may have found this blog through the one I maintain for The NewsMarket; however, the views presented in this blog do not reflect that of my employer.

Miss Beancurd:

I’m a food-obsessed 20 something girl looking for big love in a big city. Surely, my fair city, who caters to so many people night and day, could spit out a few decent dates for me- even one would do, but sadly, she’s refused to acknowledge my request. It should not be this difficult to meet decent men.

Despite of my desire to find love, I have an enormous fear of intimacy. To me, intimacy is a four syllable word for: Here is my heart and soul, please grind into hamburger, and enjoy [Grey’s Anatomy]. My personal history also tells me that commitment isn’t my friend as I seem to attract strange [read: stalkerish] men. As a result, I’ve taken the last couple of years to cleanse myself of the oddballs that surrounds me.

A person who is slowly becoming overly eager for me to start dating again is … my mother. My mother is a horrible matchmaker [she even admits it]. Yet, she feels like however bad her matchmaking skills are, she “needs” to help me out. I’ve told her to go be her unsuccesful matchmaker self to whoever she wants as long as she leaves me alone. We will see how long she stays as an unmeddler.

Perhaps my standards are too high; perhaps I’m not looking hard enough, but these are the stories of my rut in dating.

Origin of 25 cents (oddly enough Miss Beancurd and both had this guy as a professor — it’s how we met)

I had a professor in college, a slightly wacky guy (so I thought at the time) who was just bursting with ideas. He’s possibly one of my most favorite professors ever. He had a slightly crazy (to the uninitiated) way of speaking. But isn’t that the way with most creatives? Normal society just doesn’t understand. He had a habit of throwing out seemingly unrelated ideas (gray cubes, gatekeepers, and provolone — being some of the most notable and possibly most quoted) during his lectures for Visual Interpretation and Media Theory & Criticism classes — the only two I ever took with him. Part of his lesson plan was to introduce students to grant writing — concieving of projects and undertakings that companies would WANT to fund. Can you imagine, being a junior in college and recieving 10 grand (or more) from a large name brand company for a project you’ve always wanted to do? Project ideas ranged from media installations to films to mass surveys to lecture series. I always thought I had a rather clunky unpolished idea. I wanted to put my own spin on the quarter life crisis, but I didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to launch the idea in the way that I liked. Or at least an idea that I could make money off of. I drafted a grant proposal, and never sent it out.

Being out of college for a year, and having the tools (with an easy interface) plus another year or two of blogging expertise, I decided to make my project idea a reality. It’s only been three months, and perhaps I should post this when 25 cent life is a year old, but it’s already been over 2 years in the making for 25 cent life. For a 3 month old blog, it’s doing relatively well, and I couldn’t be happier to finally have my idea come to a solid (as solid as things on the internet get) fruition.

Thanks PB!


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26 02 2007

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