July 4th

4 07 2007

My neighborhood sounds vaguely reminiscent of a war zone… or an average Philippine neighborhood during Christmas/New Years. Which is surprising, considering how much it’s rained today.
In other news, I really didn’t do much. Enjoyed my random day off in the middle of the week. Slept in. Parents went off to Philly to see old classmates that they hadn’t seen in 35 years. Hung out with the boyfriend (read: sat on the couch and did NOTHING). Went out to satisfy a taco craving — which ended up with me ordering a 10 inch burrito and taking home 3 inches. Passed out on the couch.

And instead of facing another restful night’s sleep… I realize I’ve forgotten to clean. My cousin from Australia is showing up tomorrow. Egads.


How Google Manages Your Internet Life

20 04 2007

Google – Web History. Enough said.

Link Blog!

27 02 2007

I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now… And now I’ve remembered that I can post a link to it on MY blog (or just THIS blog). Check out the link on the sidebar…

Or just click here. 🙂 

Bellies and UDL.

26 10 2006

I wonder what I’d look like without my belly chub. It’s always been there. I’ve always grabbed at it, poked it, squished it around to make the pseudo-butt cleavage. I wonder what I’d look like with an actual toned tummy. Maybe my belly button jewelry will actually sit right, instead of crooked, due to the skewing of my center line due to non-balanced chub. Maybe I could actually CHANGE my belly button jewelry. Cause, you know, that would be cool. Inasmuch as I actually like the starting jewelry, I could change it to something dangly and annoying. What happened to simplicity? Girls are carrying around the dangling-to-the-shoulder earrings, dangling rings, dangling bracelets, layered necklaces, why not add dangling other body jewelry to that list. You’ve gotta be hauling around at least another pound or two of metal that way. Sheesh.

Ew. Is it really that hard for people to clean up after they pee? I always check the seat out for UDL (Unidentified Drops of Liquid) before I pee, because that’s really gross, plopping your rear end down on the seat, and feeling that cold wetness spread out over one leg/cheek or the other, and come to the horrid realization that you’ve sat on what is possibly someone else’s liquid excretions… regardless of whether or not it’s water from their hands or just splash residue from the sink — you can never be too careful in an office full of non-family people. Ewie. I’m not as OCD about germs as some other people I know, but geez. Ew to residual pee on toilet seats.

Where does all the time go?

12 10 2006

Let’s face it. Between the new job and the new commute and the new sleeping schedule and the new life schedule — all that time, all that boredom I had while unemployed has completely vanished.

Why can’t there be an easy transition between the desperate “I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t have a job and I don’t know where I’m going” stage and the completely exhausted “I have I job and I don’t know what I’m doing and there’s too much to do” stage? Seriously. The jarring difference between the two states leaves the 20-something in question completely bewildered and a bit lost. Therein lies another crisis after the QLC. Maybe the quarter life crisis comes in stages? It’s anywhere you don’t know where you’re going or what you came from?

They teach you about transition in school, but all that is relatively cushy and gradual.

This isn’t. This is life.

I don’t know if I like it. Stop it, I want to get off.

Coffee, caw-fee, cafe

4 10 2006

Early morning ambrosia. Fragrant, sometimes sweet, sometimes punchy, sometimes with an extra kick (I’m talking chili pepper, not caffeine), sometimes with another extra kick (caffeine/espresso goes here).

The morning beverage of choice for so many many many (insert hundreds/thousands/millions/billions here — I didn’t do any research) people. Sometimes even an afternoon jolt, and even then an after dinner closing. More popular than dessert.

When 2006 was still new, we had just acquired a Senseo coffee machine. The ease of use and cleaning up were such intriguing things — we had to use it all the time. The variety of the 1-cup/2-cup and 1-pod/2-pod provided a seemingly endless source of entertainment and coffee. (Seriously, I’m a gadget geek, and so is my dad — my mom just doesn’t understand)

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Some early morning thoughts.

3 10 2006

For the majority of this year, the thoughts I mulled over during my morning commute were in the form of dreams. Nothing that I could ever remember solidly. Who ever remembers all their dreams in vivid detail? Either that or I was just wishing desperately I was back curled up in bed, perfectly oblivious to the rest of the world. At least that’s what happened in the winter/early spring. Cold is not my friend.

Now, it’s turning chilly again, it’s October – it better be chilly! I still hate the cold. And now I get to watch idiot drivers on the highway. Like the woman putting on makeup in her rearview mirror and getting pissed off as she started drifting to the right, incurring the honking rage of another driver. Lady, you are not paying attention to the road. Granted, while we are all on “The World’s Longest Parking Lot,” when traffic is moving at a brisk 50 mph – that is NOT the time to be applying eyeliner.

And there’s the driver who was eternally looking for something below his passenger seat. Nearly rear-ended the truck in front of him more times than I could count. And then he starts hollering that the truck (it was a pick-up) can’t drive properly. Last I checked, normal people driving should be at least looking at the road, not at your dusty floormats.