Facebook gets wronged.

2 10 2006

What a change from Facebook goes wrong. Way to go Mediaweek.

Apparently, they had incorrectly reported that Facebook was going to start displaying banner ads within their new newsfeed feature. Just when the Facebook users were getting used to the newsfeed, and thankfully employed a lot of the newly installed privacy features — another ad scare.

In no uncertain terms, Mediaweek insinuated that “when one user clicks on an advertisement in their feeds, all of that user’s friends will be notified that the ad was clicked on and will be given an opportunity to join a group led by the advertiser, apparently. Mike Murphy, Facebook’s chief revenue officer, told MediaWeek the following: ‘Up until now, most advertising on social network sites hasn’t leveraged social networking behavior…This offers a viral opportunity that is unique for advertisers that is not disruptive.’

Yes, right up until we give you some of our trust back, you go and ruin it all for us again. Lucky us, this was not the case.

Updates from the good people at Facebook:

Update: Melanie Deitch, Facebook’s Director of Marketing, emailed to tell us that the MediaWeek story we linked to below was incorrect and that in fact, no unsolicited notices will be sent. Only users who have elected to join a sponsored group will be notified when friends in that group click one of the group’s ads.

Update 2 Deitch wrote back to clarify that no one will ever be notified of your ad clicks and the ads will either be for sponsored groups or link directly to an advertiser’s page. Sounds like the MediaWeek story was almost entirely wrong.



Facebook gone wrong

7 09 2006

Very very wrong.

Facebook used to be a nifty site. With a cool purpose. More private than Myspace or Friendster. Easy to use. Simple.

Now, with the introductions of ‘newsfeed’ and ‘mini-feed’… it’s gotten complicated, public, and just plain wrong. I do not need to know who wrote what on who’s wall, I do not need to know who was recently online, I do not need to know every little change people have made to their profiles, I do not need to know how many times someone can change their relationship status over the course of an hour. Even Scobleizer’s noticed.

Newsfeeds serve a great purpose (outside of the facebook-verse).  News aggregators right in one place. Check out the customizable Google homepage. Feeds on quotes, words of the day, humor, news…etc… Useful things. Feeds on facebook? More stalker-friendly than you can ever imagine. It’s like real life Big Brother, but so much worse. It’s not a game. It’s your own life.

The mob mentality is that Facebook has done a bad bad thing. I’m all for feeds because I know their usefulness factor. But, I believe that their execution is incorrect. I’m still trying to think of a better execution because all I see on Facebook now — is poor display, poor execution, and (oh my lord, I checked out my profile) poor usability.

What do you think they should do differently?

How to get as– some action.

4 07 2006

Don’t deny it. Sex sells. People go on ‘dating’ services to find that special someone to appease their carnal desires for a night or two. Dating sites, my bad.

Hotornot? Sex.

Match.com? Sex.

Myspace? Occasional sex (I’m keeping that whole sex offender scandal, along with attached SNL skit out of it altogether).

Friendster? Sex.  (Yes, it’s possible)

Facebook? Sex — come on — they have a ‘how do you know this person?’ option called — ‘Hooked Up With’.

AdultFriendFinder aka Passion.com? Well, duh. Sex. Look at the site names.

Even independent sites looking out for the sexual well-being of a university’s student population. Yes, it existed. Yes, I took a stab at it. No, I don’t think the site is functional anymore. Yes, the site worked.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Let’s face it. Anywhere that people have a networking opportunity, people (especially the ones my age) are looking for sex. Unless you’re the type that advocates abstinence. In which case, never mind. Maybe you’re looking for … well, I can’t pretend that I know what you’re looking for.

Let’s welcome Naughty America. Avatars, your own little universe. Looking for sex. They even have the avatars having sex. Whoa.

Naughty America. The new alcohol. Helping 20-somethings get laid… virtually.

God. I suck at catchphrases. This is why I’m not in advertising.


9.21.2005 – The Waxing and Waning of My Interest

21 09 2005

I wasn’t kidding when I said my interest in certain things waxes and wanes. I practically forced myself onto blogspot this afternoon. I cruised the various spam blogs (damn, there are a lot of them), read and reread Livejournal, checked my three email accounts (one for junk, one for everything else, and one other that I had for junk’s junk), browsed Milk and Cookies, stuck the Gorillaz’ new song “Dare” on repeat, also stuck on repeat the two versions (spanglish and english) of Ryan Cabrera’s song “True”, reserved hotel rooms for my parents and the visiting relatives in Montreal/Quebec/The Borgata, browsed and updated MySpace and Facebook, wandered through Mr. Girth – Shameless Self-Promotion, and a smattering of other small insignificant things before coming back, reluctantly and wearily to blogspot.

I just texted a friend, the gentleman that co-owns/founded Mr. Girth, wanting to know the next time I would be able to talk to him. In retrospect, a very childish thing to do. He reminded me that he was working, so I went to check out the site… he revamped a few things, I noted that a quote from one of my posts is up on the homepage. No, I won’t tell you which one that is.

Working. What a now foreign concept to me. I took mental stock of what my day usually involves. Getting up at some non-predetermined time, eating whenever I feel like it, spending hours online, sleeping only a few scant hours before the sun actually rises… God, I sound like a bum. I am unemployed. In all definitions of the term, I AM a bum. Oh my god. I am a bum.

You’d think that would be enough to shock the laziness out of my system. Of course not. It’s probably best that I point out that this enty is being written in late September. Oh god, it’s officially autumn. I want to cry. No, really, I do. I won’t bore you with an explanation… if you’re intelligent enough, and I’m sure most of you are, you can figure this one out.

Guess what? I was too lazy to write out the actual one. Research it. Google it. Psst! Here’s a hint, most Filipinos don’t think it exists. Go them. Right.

It’s getting chillier. I’m sitting here in pajama pants for the first time in next to forever. Maybe I have ADD now. Because I only feel like devoting a sentence to nearly every thought that’s in my head. But then I got bored.

You know. I really should be getting paid for this. Or at least get a job that would make me get paid for this sort of thing:

Well, I’ll leave you with a final thought.

Mr. Girth – Shameless Self-Promotion

No, does not mean I have the male bits. But the women’s line is pretty damn hot too.