11 09 2007

And my blogging has fallen by the wayside. Shame on me!

No, really.

I turned 25 — and what did I have to show for it? A huge pile of RESPONSIBILITY staring me in the face. I haven’t decided how much it sucks yet — or if it sucks at all. There’s my personal life to consider, and how it interferes (or compliments!) my blossoming professional life. There’s the demands of a new, yet exciting, job — and how it infringes on my personal and romantic life. There’s the romantic life — juggling the trials of sharing my life with a guy I consider as important as myself and the rest of my family.  The celebrations that come along in any life — whether it’s to celebrate another wonderful summer day — in the middle of September, the celebration of knowing you’ve survived another year, celebrating the win of a favored athlete, or even another month to tuck into your belt.

All that stuff above, was just another way to say that I’ve been busy. My life has moved so fast in such a short period of time (as of today, I’ve been 25 for a whole month)… that I just haven’t had the presence of mind to log it in the blog.

It’s not that blogging isn’t important to me — it is. Blogging even makes its way into my job (what company DOESN’T have a blog anymore? Really.). Sharing my thoughts and musings with what little part of the world cares, is also important to me. My relationship with my boyfriend is important. My family is important. My job is important. My private time is also important. I think the main struggle of being in this quarter life is to know what is important when. During the 9 to 5 (9 to 6 in my case), my job is the most important thing. Secondary would be everything else that doesn’t directly relate to my job. Before and after work, that’s the time for myself, my boyfriend, my family, my friends. Time like now, is meant for myself. To take care of me, so that I have the health to deal with all the aforementioned stuff.

I haven’t been doing a very good job of that lately, either. Just last week, I pulled my calf muscle. Ow. Time to put the gym aside and take care of that. While I have that extra time to myself, I should devote myself to my job. Concentrate on being the best I can be … which, also includes taking my work home with me, which I’ve also done earlier tonight. Also find time to invest in my boyfriend, who is also going through a similar re-prioritization in his life.

Taking the time to explain the intricacies of everything’s relationship to one another, especially in the context of MY life — would take forever. Every day, the priorities change. Every day something happens that will shift the way we decide how much things are worth. They fluctuate more often than the stock exchange.

Part of dealing with the QLC is the ability to be flexible and realize the necessity of being flexible.

Life’s just a game of juggling. If you can’t do it, you just keep trying and practicing till you do. Sure, I’ve managed to figure out this tiny piece, but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Sleep is becoming a priority like… rightnow. 🙂


I missed it!

19 08 2007

I missed blogging about my 25th birthday! Quarter life indeed. If you really want to know how I started off the 2nd quarter century of my life, let me know. There are more than a few things I managed to realize about my not-so-crisis-free life. Perhaps neither crisis nor disaster-level issues — but definitely not problem free.

Like today’s issue… which I really can’t go into too much detail about. Why does it take only one instance of a certain event to kick yourself in the ass and make you realize you really need help? Maybe that’s not the correct question to ask. Maybe I still need to catch up on sleep from the birthday weekend. Yes. I think that’s it.

481 months…

11 07 2007

till my intended retirement. Or, less morbidly, 1 month till I turn 25. And then the title of this blog will be so much more appropriate. I will have another 13 months to think about what I should change the tagline to once I’m no longer 25.

I was so excited the last 11 months to be THAT much closer to 25… and now that it’s rapidly approaching, I am horrifingly anxious of it coming to pass. It feels like another wave of my personal QLC hell is coming back to haunt me… or something. What have I accomplished in the last 4 yrs 11 months? I transferred schools. I graduated in nearly record time (given the circumstances). I was successful in building my career. I’ve gained plenty of professional experience. I maintain a publicly-viewed blog that has been up for more than a year. I’ve gained some very close and special friends. I have the bestest boyfriend. I have a retirement investment. My retirement investment application wizard asked me how long I intend to use those retirement funds after retirement. It was like it was asking me, ‘when do you think you’ll croak?’

This past weekend made me feel old too. My cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday was held in Central Park on Saturday. She turned 2, and I’m turning 25. When I had my 2nd birthday, I fell into my cake. I still harbor some strong feelings about not being able to eat the frosting/cake off of my arm. Apparently, I was too precious of a child to do anything as low as licking cake off your hand. The day after was a massive bbq at my house. Aforementioned cousin’s daughter was also in attendance. As she was toddling around my backyard, I realized how massive the yard must have been to her. I remember how it seemed like an eternity and a week to walk across the lawn in any direction. Yet, there I was — smacking around a birdie with the boyfriend — covering previously massive distances with only a few strides.

We played for nearly 4 hrs. I have been aching, throbbing — for the last three days. I feel old. My back is stiff. My neck is stiff. My joints are sore. I crack even worse when I move. I tire easily. Incidentally, my mom was able to keep up with us — even keeping up a spirited verbal exchange with the boyfriend — for at least an hour. I remember HER as the one playing badminton for hours on end during the summer of my smaller youth.

It’s so true… years go on forever when you’re young. But those things are over seemingly in the blink of an eye the older you get. Before I know it, it will be August 11th… and I’ll be 25.

If you want people to take you seriously…

2 05 2007

Please know and understand the value of proper written and oral communication.

Understand the difference in usage of ‘break’ and ‘brake’. Proofread your emails, blog posts, written interviews, published work…etc… Proofread anything that someone else in your industry or intended industry might read. Have other people read your drafts before you speak.

Therz lyke nothin more anoyin 2 read than pplz who wanna be recognized as LeaDeRZ iN THeiR iNDuSTReeZ ut KaNT TiPe FeR $#!+.

//twitch// It’s one of my major peeves.

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20 03 2007

Yes, this is another post talking about the relationship. I commented that I seem to do everything backwards yesterday. Finding the physical comfort before the mental/emotional. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t fall for him until two months later (it took me approximately a week, in a cute story that involves his over-friendly (and I’ll also say posessing a penchant for mauling) dog). But it just seems I’m more content with just being around him… while he does such mundane things as eating breakfast, dressing, or gargling with mouthwash. I’m more content doing that… than I am with the intimate relations. Now.

Not to say that the physical stuff isn’t grand… but I guess this is a part of growing up that it seems MOST of the population encounters in their adolescent years — and I just figured out… a few months shy of turning 25. But at least I got to experience it.

Oh yes… 2 months. And yes, there has been farting. But he’s too polite to. 😉


1 03 2007

I’m not sure if this is something universally felt, or if it’s just something particular to me right now. I’m not sure what, or if I can blame anything specifically.

Sure, there’s some aura of uncertainty after college. But, what if, when presented with the question ‘what do you like?’ or more importantly — ‘what are you good at?’ — what if you don’t know how to answer?

And then you really start thinking about the things you can do. And whether or not you can do it exceptionally well as compared to other people who may also be good at the tasks you’ve mentally listed.  I’m not going to be given any medals for being able to do the things I do — that’s for sure.

you need to get a fire under your pants

you’re too smart

nothing is easy

you’re always better than u think

Nice statements… but how come I don’t feel smart? I don’t think this is a by-product of Only Child Syndrome — othewise I would think I’m awesome at everything. I do remember a time when I was the golden standard for everything. How come I’m not anymore? I understand that things change, so standards change in turn… But I didn’t think I was spectacular at anything back then either.

I was that kid who kicked instead of swam during swimming classes. I managed to squeak by NYSSMA for piano. What I didn’t have in an awesome voice, I seem to have made up for in sheer volume and the ability to parrot (to sing). I’m a tech-savvy girl — but I don’t do any of that fancy programming stuff.

Am I good at just picking things up quickly — but not really doing anything with it? Everything’s so mixed up and contradictory.

Maybe that’s just the nature of self-doubt. Yuck.

MySpace kills…

24 11 2006


What is MySpace doing for us? What is MySpace doing to us? Is its purpose being served, or is it tapping into society’s sins and exploiting them unintentionally?

From the blog of The David Xperience. Written by a guy named Dave.

Thoroughly haunting. Entirely plausible. And I hope that the rest of us are more intelligent to realize that MySpace is just another way to waste time — it is not our reality, it is not the world we were meant to live in.