11 09 2007

And my blogging has fallen by the wayside. Shame on me!

No, really.

I turned 25 — and what did I have to show for it? A huge pile of RESPONSIBILITY staring me in the face. I haven’t decided how much it sucks yet — or if it sucks at all. There’s my personal life to consider, and how it interferes (or compliments!) my blossoming professional life. There’s the demands of a new, yet exciting, job — and how it infringes on my personal and romantic life. There’s the romantic life — juggling the trials of sharing my life with a guy I consider as important as myself and the rest of my family.  The celebrations that come along in any life — whether it’s to celebrate another wonderful summer day — in the middle of September, the celebration of knowing you’ve survived another year, celebrating the win of a favored athlete, or even another month to tuck into your belt.

All that stuff above, was just another way to say that I’ve been busy. My life has moved so fast in such a short period of time (as of today, I’ve been 25 for a whole month)… that I just haven’t had the presence of mind to log it in the blog.

It’s not that blogging isn’t important to me — it is. Blogging even makes its way into my job (what company DOESN’T have a blog anymore? Really.). Sharing my thoughts and musings with what little part of the world cares, is also important to me. My relationship with my boyfriend is important. My family is important. My job is important. My private time is also important. I think the main struggle of being in this quarter life is to know what is important when. During the 9 to 5 (9 to 6 in my case), my job is the most important thing. Secondary would be everything else that doesn’t directly relate to my job. Before and after work, that’s the time for myself, my boyfriend, my family, my friends. Time like now, is meant for myself. To take care of me, so that I have the health to deal with all the aforementioned stuff.

I haven’t been doing a very good job of that lately, either. Just last week, I pulled my calf muscle. Ow. Time to put the gym aside and take care of that. While I have that extra time to myself, I should devote myself to my job. Concentrate on being the best I can be … which, also includes taking my work home with me, which I’ve also done earlier tonight. Also find time to invest in my boyfriend, who is also going through a similar re-prioritization in his life.

Taking the time to explain the intricacies of everything’s relationship to one another, especially in the context of MY life — would take forever. Every day, the priorities change. Every day something happens that will shift the way we decide how much things are worth. They fluctuate more often than the stock exchange.

Part of dealing with the QLC is the ability to be flexible and realize the necessity of being flexible.

Life’s just a game of juggling. If you can’t do it, you just keep trying and practicing till you do. Sure, I’ve managed to figure out this tiny piece, but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Sleep is becoming a priority like… rightnow. 🙂


Typical text conversation

7 06 2007

And the 200th entry. I had something much more … meaningful to put there — but I just started thinking way too hard about it. And then it wasn’t fun to write anymore.

Me: i be cookin da beefs
Boyfriend: Dang yo.
Me: saltin da beefs yo
Boyfriend: Just got home yo
Me: Homie’s homey yo?
Boyfriend: Yeah yo!
Me: Yo, yo. That’s a lot of yo’s. Yo
Boyfriend: Yo I new ud say dat yo. I play with yo-yos yo.
Me: I can’t top that yo.
Boyfriend: Yeah yo

So how was your…

7 05 2007

When someone asks whether or not you had a good day…you have to wonder what they meant by it. I wonder as well, but thinking critically, only if you’d live it again, just as you already have, was it a good day.

Truth be know, I had a great weekend…and I’d gladly relive it.

Personal PostSecret

7 05 2007

That page I did 100+ things on me… Well, I turned an old Moleskine notebook into a PostSecret of sorts for the boyfriend. Turns out I’m a lot less guarded of my thoughts when I’m on the verge of falling asleep — instead of during the day. Daytime mental vomit is a lot more playful than half-asleep mental vomit.

Boyfriend’s appetite

3 05 2007

When at a party, it’s typical for my family and I to consume obscene amounts of food. We become gluttons, and embrace our penchant for gluttony. We clear our refrigerators, stores of food, food that isn’t even party food. Our menu almost never changes either. We use the grill year round.

Enter boyfriend. Tagging along is boyfriend’s appetite. It’s very cute and tiny. He consumes a ‘normal’ amount with those predetermined and suggested ‘normal sized portions’ that my family seems to have never heard of before. At a recent get-together, we observed that the amount he puts away in one party day is the amount I or one of my cousins puts away in about 15 minutes.  Portion of meat equals the size of a deck of cards? Give us an economy sized crate of card decks! One cup of fruit? Give us 10. We will eat till out pants no longer button. We will eat till we pass out.

Boyfriend doesn’t do that. So, we accept that the 6 foot 4 guy will consume roughly less than half of what his 5 foot 5 girlfriend eats.

Shout outs.

24 03 2007

Boyfriend is annoyed that I didn’t mention him.

I hung out with boyfriend today — say hi, boyfriend. We went to the bank (first his bank, then my own bank), then Dunkin Donuts. I had what was supposedly a Reese’s peanut butter donut — which was sadly lacking in the peanut butter department and an iced coffee. Caffeine still hasn’t kicked in yet.  I don’t think it will, at this rate. I think he had an iced coffee (caffeine — where are you?) and a reduced fat blueberry muffin. After Dunkin Donuts, we went tanning. His pedigree is very pale, so I’m mostly mystified as how he could possible end up darker than me. Me, of Malay descent. He’s all glowy tan — and I’m so not. And sorry, boyfriend, I blew your cover as someone who only tans when they go out running. Then we stopped by Kmart, and picked up a few summer essentials, like a blender, and ankle socks. For him. Not for me. Under those fluorescent Kmart lights — it was so obvious how not tan I am.

Lesson? I don’t burn easily. Nor do I tan easily.

Also, it was significantly sunnier when we started hanging out. Now it’s just kinda bleh and cloudy. /shakes fist/

What sells a relationship?

20 03 2007

Given the industry that I work in (Internet/Interactive), I probably spend much more time perusing my ‘blog stats’ more than the average WordPress user.

I’ve noticed the blatantly obvious fact that if you include a series entitled ‘Sex’ somewhere in the blog — it’s going to get you noticed. Especially if you have some sort of thought-provoking or laughter-inducing posts like my suggestive advertising ones. For some time, I was on the first page for Google for the search term (keyword, for all those in the know) ‘suggestive advertising’ and ‘sex sells’.

So, sex sells for working a highly searched term into one’s blog in order to get traffic… Obviously my angle for this blog has been altered slightly, and instead of talking about sex … I’m talking relationships. Like every other post. I’m getting a bit sick of it… but nevertheless, here’s my newest question.

Physical attraction. Usually what starts a relationship, right? You kind of have to want to kiss the person you start a relationship with. Thus delineating the borders between friends and friends with benefits. Or fuckbuddy and acquaintance. Okay, so maybe kissing wasn’t a good example. What about wanting to be sans clothing with this other person?

So then, what defines moving from a friendship to a relationship? Personally, there was the proof of the guy wanting to protect me. Even when it’s something so banal as seemingly protecting me from his over-friendly yellow Lab (hey, it worked. Neither of us are complaining).

What sold you onto a relationship?