14 03 2008

Do 20-somethings have existential crises as often as those in mid-life? Are they being prompted because of our economy? Or can they be prompted by other extraneous external factors like our economy. Like our presidential race. Like the war.

more on this when I figure out my own again.


We moved!

24 02 2008

I haven’t disappeared. I just got my own domain.

Hello 2008

2 01 2008


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Been busy with a couple of other things…

Love is.

10 10 2007

Sacrificing the self for the whole.

Sacrificing the blog so I can find out who I am again. Is this part of the crisis?

Getting an iPhone

22 07 2007

is stupid and pointless, especially when you already have a phone that works.

is stupid and pointless, especially when a company gives it out as a stupid status toy (when employees already have phones that work).

Growing archive

1 03 2007

I’m sure you’ve noticed my rapidly growing archive on the right. I’ve been taking the last couple of days to go through my opendiary — entry by agonizingly teenage angsty entry. I’d like to think I had a handle on what blogging is now (there’s actually a set of posts in spring of 2001 that I’m particularly interested in)… So, I’ll be copying and pasting that into here — so I will have a comprehensive site of my last 7 years. Once I get to 2002 — I’ll be posting clips from my LiveJournal as well.

Excerpts. Not the whole 7 years. Just choice bits.

I’d like to see where I’ve come from — and where I’m going to.


Bodily noises.

8 11 2006

Sneezes, hiccups, burps, and joints a-crackin. During work.

We sound like a group of geriatrics, but we’re mostly under the age of 25. What’s up with that?