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Two of the worst sensations in the world
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People you hate to sit next to on the train
I missed it
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The incredible missing headline
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Allergic rhinitis
481 months
July 4th
Friday salad lunch happiness
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Red! patent! leather!
My first gawker moment
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Anatomy of a super long day
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Sliver of boyfriend’s arm can be seen on the left
Boyfriend’s appetite
Sensory memories
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Death by cute
How google manages your internet life
A friday five
Virginia Tech shooting
Travelin woman
Happy easter
Easter pet peeve
The best way to act drunk
My sense of entitlement has been humbled
Shout outs
Feelin the burn
Books are our gateway or genital euphemisms
Furburger anyone
Foodie post
High degree myopia
What sells a relationship
I haven’t commented on the war lately
Not enough time
Again with the nice guy debate
Generation gap just got a bit smaller
Depeche mode – precious
Are you or someone you know…
Pet names
My inner child is throwing a silent tantrum
Growing archive
Self doubt
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2nd happy dance
Blog writing philosophy
Memory lane
The first entry ever
Seven years ago today
New blog
Enjoying your job
Understanding understood
Eventually i’ll stop writing about the relationship
Three days of valentine’s day
We speak in codes
Mobile tech with restrictions on mobility
Inflated sense of entitlement
Ice cream in january
Week number 3. almost.
First snow
Thoughtfulness is appreciated here
Bloggers are antisocial what
Being a token
Spam attack
What makes girls/guys tick
2006 review
Post 100
Anatomy of a career
Psych of attraction
Holiday party etiquette
High school will always be high school
High school reunions
Happy december
Myspace kills
First song
Happy dance
Maybe this is why I don’t like using the phone
I am guilty
Memories are meant to be forgotten
Bodily noises
Growing up and growing apart
Having epiphanies
On the subject of religion
Halloween memories
An evening with mr. girth
Miss Communication
Rainy days
Twofer Tuesdays
Working out
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Direct cut and paste from a comment
Where does all the time go
I am not a morning person
Coffee, caw-fee, cafe
Some early morning thoughts
Disgruntled in traffic
Facebook gets wronged
PB this one’s for you
How do you measure your life
10 power tips
Facebook gone wrong
It wasn’t quite working out
Writers block or life block 2
Writers block or life block
Less than the first week
Should I feel special
A little contemplation
I don’t want my MTV
I won at life yesterday
Adventures in interviews
Social networking for the younger set
Crisis management
Maybe they were just looking at livejournal
Weddings in the perspective of the single mid quarter life woman
Nature says
Heat examination
Shameless plug for a friend
Descending to the top
Fun links
You are not alone
So why don’t you live in NYC
Other entry segues into how I started blogging
How to get some action
El jay
Blogs are like an epidemic
Happy july
Upcoming entries
Should I just give up helping people with this
What does one do when bored
A blurb is dead
It’s not the only perspective
2 brief blurbs
2.5 months
Hitting the proverbial wall
3 in a month what the hell
Public service announcement
It’s a twofer
I can concentrate on anyth…
The waxing and waning of my interest
Hark boredom rides again
Clean your room
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